Monday, January 28, 2008

This is a scarf woven on my midsized rigid heddle loom. The yarn is a cotton, acrylic and polyester by Patons. It was very challenging to weave as the strands caught on each other. I finally figured out that I needed to bring the heddle forward each row before raising the shed and the yarn would then stay separate. It went much faster after that little discovery. I notice that the most helpful and quickest way to do anything usually comes when you are almost finished. It is a good hint for the next scarf I am weaving.

I finally made a square loom to do continuos warp weaving. It weaves like a triloom. The squares are biased when finished. I am making squares to sew together for a lap robe. The yarn for this project is Lion brand's handspun. I have a variety of colors, so when finished it will have a patchwork design.

This is what greeted us this morning. The first measurable snow of the season. It will be gone by this afternoon. Living in the Willamette valley floor, we rarely get snow.