Friday, January 26, 2007

This yarn and card are from Theresa my life overflowing swap sister. The card has a bag of green tea in it. What a wonderful idea to have a cup of tea with a teabag in it.The yarn is from Fearless Fibers in Hillsboro, Oregon The website shows some wonderful yarns. Follow the link for Fearless Fibers to a wonderful experience.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Little Tiny Topper (a no cuff beanie hat)
Newborn size: approximately 14” around
Written by Sue Ellis

Materials: DK weight Bernat “Softee” yarn 5 ounces/140 grams
in color of choice [or any other yarn and needles to match gauge].

Size 4 and Size 6 double pointed needles (DPN’s),
tape measure, yarn needle, scissors

Gauge: 7 stitches per inch with larger needle in Stockinette Stitch
7 rows per inch

Cast on for Ribbing: With Size 4 DPN’s cast on 84 sts. leaving an 8” tail. Join to form circular work. Work in the round: knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 1 ½”.

Change to larger Size 6 DPN’s and work in *stockinette stitch until the piece measures 5” to 5 ½” from the cast on edge.

Decreasing for top shaping:

Round 1: Knit 2 together, knit 2 around.
Round 2: Knit around.
Round 3: K 2 tog, k 1 around.
Round 4: K around.
Round 5: K 2 tog, k 2 around.
Round 6: K around.
Round 7: K 2 tog, k 1 around. [At this point there may be odd numbers
of stitches. Use the “fudge factor.”** ]
Round 8: K around.
Round 9: K 2 tog all the way around. 8-13 stitches left on needles.**

Cut working yarn from skein leaving about an 8” length. Thread yarn needle and slip remaining 8-13 stitches from needles. Pull yarn very tightly and sew yarn down through the center hole that is created. Turn topper wrong side out. Tug yarn snuggly and secure the yarn by making a one loop knot and tighten. Begin to weave the yarn into purl loops for 6-8 stitches. Trim off yarn.

Rethread needle with beginning thread tail at cast on edge. Weave the yarn into 8 purl or knit loops so that it is invisible from the front side. Check after every few stitches that no securing yarn is showing on the front. Trim thread. Turn work.
Find a baby and give away your topper. Enjoy!

*stockinette stitch worked in the round = “knit every round”, again and again. No purling necessary!
**fudge factor = approximately correct mathematically. J
I will add a picture later

As time goes on I will add more pages to my blog. To view the page larger, click on the picture of this Superba pattern page and it will show larger. Then right click to save. I am having fun learning to use My Superba S48

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The top and bottom pictures are modular knit items. The the top shows the coaster that I finally knit correctly. Next to it is a sock?, or something I made doing the modular knit tutorial. I do get some interesting things when I miss a part of the pattern. On the bottom is the headband I made using the instructions out of the book written by Iris Schreier called " Modular Knits ".

The middle preemie hat was knit on my Brother 950 knitting machine. I have made about 8 of them so far. It takes me about 30 minutes from start to finish. Several machine knitting guilds I belong to, donate these hats to hospital neonatal units.